All three partners and lifelong friends, An-Sofie, Vincent and Bram started out in similar ways. We started working in the corporate world but noticed quickly that a life behind a desk wasn't for us and we went back to our original passion, food and hospitality.

In the meantime, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the kitchen and in bars and we have our own food truck and catering business for over a year now. Since this was a success, we decided to make our dream real and start our own little seafood bar in the heart of sparkling Ghent.

Inspired by the local cuisine of the south of France we decided we wanted to create the same type of experience with our own personal touch tailored to people in Ghent. So expect seafood presented in a creative and original way.

We enjoy bringing people together and what better way to do so as with our own seafood bar? We want to create an easy-going atmosphere where people can enjoy and share our food and drinks all day long with friends and family. We stand for a no nonsense, everything goes-mentality where everybody's always welcome at all times.

Tail our story.